5 Marketing Tips for Listing Your Home for Rent in Santa Fe, New Mexico

5 Marketing Tips for Listing Your Home for Rent in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rental vacancy rates are at record lows and many people are still struggling to find a place to live.

Investing in the industry can help you quickly make money with minimal effort. Whether you want to be a landlord or have a more hands-off approach, our team can help you. Outside of property management needs, however, you need to focus on marketing.

Keep reading to discover the best marketing tips when listing your home for rent!

1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

One real estate agent receives 100% of her business through TikTok.

TikTok and Facebook are often used when listing a rental home. They provide a place to upload rentals, photos, and descriptions of the property. Since not everyone uses rental sites, you can reach a broader audience with social media platforms.

The best part about creating social media content is that it will naturally get distributed. You can market your properties for free or at minimal costs!

2. Invest in Professional Photos

Photos make a big difference in buying decisions in the real estate and rental industries.

Investing in real estate photography can help you capture rooms at the best time. Without an eye for detail, you may overlook selling features or take snaps at the wrong angles. These small details matter when a majority of people are buying without visiting rentals in person ahead of time.

3. Identify Your Focal Points

Every piece of property has focal points that you can highlight in marketing campaigns.

When listing a rental home, mention the unique features and amenities your rental comes with. These details help potential tenants become attracted to the property to invest. When you write about them in the description, use plenty of adjectives and photos to show people.

Check out our rental marketing services at PMI Santa Fe. With our team, you can gain access to more booking opportunities through partners like Airbnb, Trip Advisor, and VRBO!

4. Create Video Tours

Property marketing can be difficult when you're trying to capture the unique features of a home.

Photos can only give your home so much justice, which is why many renters are investing in video tours. Uploading a video tour to your listing can increase views and interest. These videos help people envision themselves in the home and they have more confidence while buying.

5. Ask for Feedback

If you aren't asking current and previous tenants for feedback, you're missing a marketing opportunity.

Feedback surveys and reviews give you a chance to make improvements or clarify tenant questions. When potential renters see ratings and feedback details, they will gain more trust in your listing. This is an important strategy if you're renting apartments for the first time.

Are You Still Listing Your Home for Rent?

If you're listing your home for rent, you don't want your property to become a fixture on the market.

The right marketing strategies can help you get noticed and make the highest profit possible. The housing and rental shortage will work to your advantage, but you still need to put your properties in the best light.

Take the time to give our team a call for a free consultation to discuss your rental needs. Santa Fe Property Management offers various services so you can confidently rent!